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Valentine day is the day for lovers. Peoples propose each other who one likes to other. Girls and boys choose his/her valentine to make friendship and want to marry. This is very important day for true lover it is not a day of time pass but it is day for true lovers.

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Lovers wait for Valentine’s Day time impatiently. A whole lot of folks propose their emotions of love for the first time to their sweethearts on this day. Proposals are taken in positive spirit for recommended. At the same time, outright rejections are prevented.


Here are best and beautiful Valentine’s Day Quotes list you will definitely like and share with your Valentine on Valentine Day.

Valentine’s Day Quotes 2018

  • Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my true love because with you all my dreams seem real and possible. Happy Valentines Day!
  • Love is not having someone give you the world. Love is creating a whole new world together. Happy Valentines Day!
  • Love is not finding someone to live with; it’s finding someone you can’t live without.
  • A valentine is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my rock through all the bad times, The most beautiful waterfall in all the good times, My Friend, My Love, My All.
  • Your love help me find happiness in the most unexpected ways… life with you has been sheer bliss.
  • If life is a song then you have filled it up with the melody of love and compose it with tunes of happiness and immense joy.
  • What I need to live has been given to me by the earth.. Why I need to live has been given to me by you my valentine. Happy Valentines Day!
  • Love is heat… You are sweet… When two Lips are meet each other. then Love is complete.. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • A day without you in my life should never come and even if it does, let that be the last day of my life.

Valentines Day Sayings 2018

  • I Love my eyes when you look into them; I Love my name when you say it; I Love my heart when you Love it; I Love my life when you are in it. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away!
  • Love is like a cloud… love is like a dream… love is one word and everything in between… love is a fairy tale come true… I found love when I found you.
  • I Love my eyes when u look into them; I Love my name when u say it; I Love my heart when u Love it; I Love my life when you are in it. Happy Valentine’s Day! 
  • Hi dear, I love you so much. I cant live without you. I need you in my life. Everyday I want to see your eyes. Hold your hands n walk with you. Every night I want sleep on your chest. Wanna make love with you. Wanna be a good mother to your kids. Happy Valentine’s Day. 
  • Wanna be a good wife to you. I want your love forever. Then one day i will die on your lab. But my love will never die for you. I LOVE YOU… Happy Valentine’s Day. 
  • Love is like a cloud Love is like a dream Love is 1 word & everything in between Love is a fairy tale come true I found Love when I found u. Happy Valentine’s Day. 
  • In love there will always be a special someone A special someone that will protect you And bring you roses to let you know how special you are And to love, forever more . Happy Valentine’s Day ! 
  • A Valentine Card $4 A Box of Chocolates $10 A Dozen Red Roses $30 You being my Valentine PRICELESS ..!!! Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Today I like you Tomorrow I Will love you through the frights Through the cold nights I love you always and forever Happy valentine’s day .! 
  • There’s nothing like a valentine, To make a smile appear, A heart-shaped card filled with kind words, Sent from someone who’s dear. Happy Valentine’s Day. 
  • A friend or even a relative, Who takes the time to say, I like you just because you’re you. That’s what is done this day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • No poems no fancy words I just want the world to know that I LOVE YOU my Princess with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • My Heart To You Is Given, Oh Dear, Do Give Yours To Me, We’ll Lock Them Up Together And Throw Away The Key. Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentines Day Sayings.

Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes

Funny Valentine's Day Quotes

  • Love is a grave mental disease. – Plato
  • If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
  • It is impossible to love and be wise. – Francis Bacon
  • If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question? – Lily Tomlin
  • Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. – Groucho Marx
  • Love is a game that two can play and both win. – Eva Gabor
  • Love is telling someone their hair extensions are showing. – Natasha Leggero
  • Between lovers a little confession is a dangerous thing. – Helen Rowland
  • Honesty is the key to a relationship. If you can fake that, you’re in. – Richard Jeni
  • Today is Valentine’s Day. Or, as men like to call it, Extortion day. – Jay Leno
  • All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. – Charles M. Schulz
  • Love is an electric blanket with somebody else in control of the switch. – By Cathy Carlyle
  • If you text ‘I love you’ to a person and the person writes back an emoji — no matter what that emoji is, they don’t love you back. – Chelsea Peretti
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